Papa Louie


Papa Louie is a 2D space game in which you will be transported into the world of pizza. Your mission is to rescue the pizzas and save the captive customers.

The plot

When Onion Ring crashes a party at Papa's Pizzeria, the orders have to be canceled. All of Papa Louie's pizzas mutate into Pizza Monsters and eat the store's patrons. His clients have been spirited away to other locations, and it is up to the player to save them with the might of the pizza paddle.

Complete missions and rescue customers

Roy and Papa Louie are on a mission to free all of the captive customers. Big Pauly, the first client, offers the team pepper bombs in exchange for money. These bombs are useful for penetrating the Pizza Monsters' defenses.

Each level has a limited supply of Pizza Monsters. They transform into pizza boxes after they're vanquished. Standing on the scale with the pizza boxes will liberate the client and unlock the door to the next area.


  • Left arrow key - Walk left
  • Right arrow key - Walk right
  • Space - Jump/Glide using a hat (if pressed mid-air)
  • Z - Melee attack
  • X - Pepper (ranged) attack