Nerdle is a daily puzzle game in which the operations must be done correctly in order to accurately predict the locations of mathematical numbers.

Gameplay simple:

The numbers 0-9 will be used instead of alphabets to illuminate the blank gray columns, as will the symbols +,-,*, and / for basic arithmetic operations. Obviously, the goal is to solve the mysterious equation, but the 8 empty gray columns can be intimidating if you're new to Nerdle. Furthermore, you cannot enter a fictitious equation that defies mathematical laws. The arrangement of numbers and symbols should be mathematically sound and completely logical. While this condition is perfectly plausible, it immediately makes forecasting more immersive and cerebral.

Meaning of the colors on Nerdle:

Green box: a number or action that is colored green indicates that both the location and the action itself are correct.

Purple box: indicates that only the purple boxes themselves are correct, the location of the boxes, however, is incorrect.

Black box: black colors are the wrong choice in every way. Its location as well as the thing itself are incorrect.