Madalin Stunt Cars


Madalin Stunt Cars multiplayer is a cool, amazing, and entertaining car stunt game. Begin performing stunts in an open world.

Select from a variety of sports cars and customize them to your liking. You can customize the colour and drive settings of your car to create a truly unique ride! After selecting your vehicle, you can join the online game and explore the vast desert landscape!

Explore the environment with other players and hone your driving skills. The world is wide open, and there are numerous streets, roads, and areas to explore. Drive to your heart's content or organize multiplayer races with other players to show off your driving skills!

How to play

  • W: Accelerate
  • S: Brake
  • A: Turn left
  • D: Turn right
  • SHIFT: Nitrous
  • SPACEBAR: E-brake
  • R: Trigger respawn
  • C: Change the camera view
  • T: Show your position and other players' positions on the map.