Healing Rush


Healing Rush is an interesting arcade game for you when you have free time. You are a doctor in a big hospital who can treat a patient's diseases.

If you want to be a doctor, Healing Rush is the perfect game for you. You are the only genius doctor in the hospital, but there are too many patients who get some strange diseases. You are the only person who can save them. Click and move the mouse to the machine and patients to take care of your patient and take the medicines. You will receive much many if you can treat many people. With that money, you can upgrade your hospital and give treatment to many people. You need to apply your control skill and hand speed to welcome and treat the disease. With the 3D graphics, you will have a variety of feelings.

Let's come to Healing to become an excellent doctor and develop your own hospital to be bigger. Good luck!

Features of Healing Rush

  • The game is easy to control and play
  • Treat the patients to earn money
  • It's suitable for all age groups

How to control

Click the mouse and move it to control.