Description is a multiplayer online battle arena, in which your goal will be to become as big as possible so that you can wipe out all of the other worms.

How to play

Gather the small orbs that are strewn throughout the playing area so that you can grow, and use your body to force other players into colliding with them so that you can murder them and devour their remains. If you want to avoid being cornered by other players, you should keep moving around in search of food because it becomes simpler to do so as your size increases. This game gives you a pretty good appearance to help you appreciate the sophisticated simplicity of the graphics for as long as you can.

Consume the most number of orbs possible in order to grow into the longest snake in the room. You should make an effort to encircle your adversaries and then trap them inside your own snake. This will leave them with no other choice but to collide with you and be eliminated. At the same time, you have to watch out that you don't become cornered by another person.


Use the mouse.