Gold Strike


Gold Strike is an interesting action game in which you have to throw the pickaxe to the area with the same color blocks to remove them. Collect gems in blocks!

Tired? Stress? Are you looking for a game that is simple to play but still interesting to entertain after a long day of hard work? Come to the game Gold Strike where there are simple mechanics, easy to control!

In this game, you will transform into a cartoon character who is looking for resources at night. He only has a flashlight to illuminate and pickaxes to mine. Your task is to click on the resource area to let your character orient and aim. Note that you should throw the pickaxe into areas with blocks of the same color to remove them all at once and get a higher score. Besides, inside the resource blocks, there are bonuses and gems. Collect them and get extra points!

Features of Gold Strike

  • Simple mechanics and easy controls
  • Get extra points 
  • Infinite game round

How to control

  • Mouse Click.