Gold Digger FRVR


Collect gold and valuable tools to find gold in the game Gold Digger FRVR. The game consists of many levels, each with exciting challenges and goals.

How to play

The objective is to collect valuable objects like gold nuggets, diamonds, and other treasures while avoiding worthless pebbles and obstacles. You will find gold nuggets, gems, and other valuable treasures as you delve deeper into the ground. You will encounter obstacles such as rocks, boulders, and underground creatures while excavating. Be sure to move your character away from these obstacles to prevent them. If you are struck by an obstacle, you may lose a life or be slowed down.

Upgrade your apparatus in the game Gold Digger FRVR

You'll earn points that can be used to upgrade your digging equipment as you accumulate gold and other valuables. Look for the upgrade menu, which is typically located on the game's interface, and use your points to purchase tools that increase your digging speed, enable you to collect more gold, or provide other benefits.

In Gold Digger FRVR, your character's vitality is limited. As you explore deeper, this energy decreases gradually. Collect energy power-ups you discover while digging in order to replenish your energy. These augmentations will assist you in continuing to dig deeper and accumulate more gold.


Press the arrow keys to move/dig.