G-Switch 3


G Switch 3 introduces a slew of new features and enhancements not found in previous versions. Play with up to 8 different friends in single player or battle mode. Try to avoid a maze of dangerous traps by switching between walls, floors, and ceilings! To see if you've got what it takes. Don't just stand there — take on the G-Switch 3 online challenge and learn to control your surroundings!

Tips and tricks

You can play multiplayer with actual people or artificial intelligence.

Rather than switching as you hit an obstacle, try switching right before it.

You can play with either a mouse or a keyboard. Discover what works best for you!


How to play

  • Player 1 will be controlled by mouse left click.
  • Set the controls of other players from the game menu.
  • Control your player and avoid to touch any obstacle.