Freddy Run 3


Freddy Run 3 game difficulty is increased since our protagonist is once more ensnared in a horrifying dream. He must this time survive the haunted castle.

Help Freddy on his third nightmare run!

This time, Freddy is imprisoned in the evil Skeleton King's medieval castle and must devise a way to escape. Freddy learns that the castle is haunted from the very first steps he makes. A framed Skeleton King's portrait on the wall comes to life, and an evil loud laughing sound can be heard throughout the castle corridor.

From now on, it's clear that surviving inside the castle will be a real challenge. Walking further in search of an escape route, Freddy encounters numerous giant poisonous scorpions, spikes protruding from the ground, massive rotating sawing wheels, and numerous undead armed skeletons, as well as numerous dangerous areas where he must perform perfect jumps to avoid falling into the pits.

As you progress through the game, you will discover new rooms and corridors within the castle, such as The Library, The Weapons Room, The Large Hallway, The Dungeons, The Winery, and so on. Each of these levels raises the flag even higher, putting even more strain on your survival skills. Almost every stage introduces new and more powerful enemies, as well as hidden traps or puzzles to solve.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys.