Endless Siege


Endless Siege is a tower defense game in which you must endure hordes of foes. To beat the sieging foes, place different defense structures in strategic places.

How to Play

Place fortifications in the open locations to play Endless Siege. Place these cannons near the entryway where the foes will be coming at the start of the battle. When you've finished preparing your fortifications, press the 'next wave' icon to begin the first wave. Before and during adversary attacks, you can rank up, improve, and trade your defenses. Ballista, Torch, Cannon, and Timewarp are the initial defense weaponry...

Upgrade the arsenal in the game Endless Siege

As the time you play longer, you will be able to update this weaponry to completely new, more scientifically sophisticated defense structures. These improved firearms are considerably more potent, but they are also very expensive in money. Save some money in the early stages of the preparation of these improvements.


Use the mouse.