Elastic Man


Elastic Man is a fun and easy-to-play game that helps you reduce stress and fatigue. You simply pull and stretch Morty's face in ways you've never imagined.

How to play

The goal is easy: grab, stretch, and pinch every part of Morty's face that is made of rubber. Prepare to let your imagination run wild as you twist Morty's face in the craziest ways possible. Try pulling faces like you've never done it before and see how far you can make Morty's face look longer. There are no rules for this game, you can just have fun with it.

Realistic graphics give a great feeling

One thing that makes Elastic Man stand out is how realistic it is. You can turn up the graphics quality to high for an even more immersive experience. The images are great. You'll be amazed at how realistic Morty's face moves and how detailed the textures are. It feels strangely real, which makes it even more fun to play because the people who made it worked hard to make it.


Use the mouse.