Earn To Die


Earn to Die is a Toffee Games arcade game in which we race armoured and armed cars through two-dimensional boards full of writhing corpses. Our goal is to get to the finish of each map while avoiding the zombies who stand in our way.

While playing games was once thought to be a child-only activity, it has grown in popularity and now attracts people of all ages. The perception that games are primarily played by men is changing. We wouldn't be exaggerating if we said that some people can't get enough of the games for hours or even days. Earn to Die is a game that has been in stores for a long time and is growing in popularity day by day. This game, which is one of the most popular zombie invasion games, will provide you with a lot of entertainment. Earn to Die is set in a world where the struggle for survival is told through the eyes of only a few people who have survived the zombie apocalypse. When the hero learns that a ship is being prepared for an escape from the world in Earn to Die 2, he sets out to find it, encountering a slew of zombies along the way. He needs to get through them as quickly as possible, get to the gas stations, and get back to the ship.

This game is easily accessible from our page, and you can begin playing right away. You are given a map when you begin the game. You must proceed to the location indicated by the cross or "X" sign. At the start of the game, you are given one vehicle. At each level, your vehicle evolves. As your financial situation improves, you can purchase or modify this vehicle. Your vehicle will appear in two dimensions on your screen. At the bottom of the screen are the gas, brake, and direction keys. You'll come across a lot of zombies while driving down the road. You can either shoot them or crush them with your vehicle. Each time you collide with a zombie, your vehicle slows down. As a result, you should ensure that the vehicle is fully charged and try to be as quick as possible. You should enter this battle with the understanding that your bullets are limited.

You should also check the gas level in your car on a regular basis. You can continue the game if you arrive at the gas station in time, or the game will end when your gas runs out.

How to play

Control this game with the arrow keys.