Donkey Kong


You played as Mario and had to reach the top of a stack of girders while dodging barrels and fireballs fired in the game Donkey Kong to save sweetheart Peach.

It has come to light that the nefarious gorilla Donkey Kong abducted Princess Peach and has been holding her hostage at the very top of the structure, where no one can reach her. Your mission is to assist Mario in rescuing Princess Peach.

Defeat Donkey Kong to get the princess back

Donkey Kong anticipated Mario's pursuit of Princess Peach and resolved to thwart him in any way possible. Because of this, he destroyed the stairwell and began hurling barrels at Mario. Take caution! They are a danger that must be avoided at all costs. Quickly up the ladders and steer clear of the barrels, which will kill Mario on impact. The game will force you to start over from the beginning if you are hurt. You get points for evading the barrels. But remember that if any of the barrels touch the oil barrel, they might potentially explode. You should try to dodge them and get to Princess Peach as quickly as you can.


To guide Mario in any direction, use the left and right arrow buttons on your computer. To make him ascend and down the steps, use the Up and Down arrow keys, respectively. Using the Spacebar will allow you to "jump" over obstacles.