Cats Drop


Cats Drop is a puzzle game that combines adorable cats inspired by the game Suika Game so your mission is to combine small cats to create the biggest cat.

How to play

Your main goal is to move and merge similar cats to create bigger ones, with the ultimate aim of achieving the highest score possible. You must arrange them properly so that the cat cup does not overflow.

Rules in the game Cats Drop

Release the cat

Cats are dropped into the cup randomly so you can't predict it. Each cat is a different size and color, adding a layer of unpredictability to the game. You must carefully place these cats in the correct position in the cup, optimizing their position for subsequent merges.

Consolidation mechanism

When two identical cats touch each other, they will automatically merge into one larger cat. This mechanic is the core of the game, motivating players to continuously strive for bigger merges.

Scoring system

The game's scoring system is based on the number of merges and the size of the cats created. Larger cats yield higher scores, but you must balance this by managing the space inside the measuring cup. Efficiently merging cats to create the largest cats possible while also preventing the cup from overflowing is key to achieving a high score.

How to control

Use the mouse.