Bridge Craft 3D


Bridge Craft 3D is a very exciting woodcutter adventure that will be on a mission to build bridges and grab treasure chests before your opponents do.

How to play

your first task is to strategically chop down trees of your own color. Each player is assigned a specific color, and you can only chop down trees that match your color. Timing is crucial as you race against other players to gather the necessary resources and gain an advantage. Be quick and efficient to secure the logs you need for your bridge-building endeavor.

Once you have collected enough logs, it's time to put your construction skills to the test. As you reach the starting point of a bridge, the building process will begin automatically. Utilize your collected logs to construct a sturdy and efficient bridge that will lead you to the treasure chest. But remember, your opponents are also constructing their bridges, and they won't hesitate to demolish yours if given the chance. Stay one step ahead of them and protect your progress at all costs.

The ultimate goal in Bridge Craft 3D is to reach the highest island where the treasure chest awaits. Plan your moves carefully, strategize your tree-chopping and bridge-building tactics, and outmaneuver your opponents to claim the coveted chest of gold. Show off your skills as a talented lumberjack and prove that you have what it takes to be the ultimate winner in this thrilling and competitive game.

Strategy to win the game Bridge Craft 3D

Outsmarting your opponents is part of the game. Demolish your rivals' bridges to slow down their progress and make their task even more challenging. Collect their logs as spoils of war, further enhancing your chances of reaching the treasure first.

Building a bridge isn't just about laying down planks; it's about doing it faster and more efficiently than your opponents. As you gather logs, the bridge construction process begins automatically. It's a race against time to reach the highest island where the treasure chest awaits. Will you be the one to claim the chest of gold?

How to control

Use the mouse.