Bob The Robber 4


Bob The Robber 4 is an adventure in the city of the thief Bob. Move through the hallways of different buildings to find loot, but don't get caught!

How to play

The objective of you is to collect the treasures at the end of each level as the sneaky thief while solving puzzles, avoiding security cameras, and remaining concealed from security guards. Each of the fifteen levels has its own unique layout, puzzles, and treasures. In addition to the primary treasure, each level contains hidden cash. Bob is a skilled thief with an eye for these concealed caches. Observe carefully as you move through the various spaces. Bob will inform you of the presence of any inadequately concealed cash stack.

Let's find all the money hidden in the buildings

Find all of the concealed money in each level to earn the maximum number of stars at the conclusion. The museum is protected by both surveillance cameras and human guardians! Bob's vacation would end promptly if he were to be apprehended. You can fortunately hide in the shadows until things settle down. Find a patch of shadows to conceal when a guard or security camera is in the same room as you. By remaining still, you will become invisible to the guardians. Wait for the appropriate opportunity to leap out and render them unconscious! Grab your lock pick and manipulate each lock until it opens.


Use the arrow keys.