Bloons Tower Defense


Bloons Tower Defense is a thrilling game that combines strategy, and skill. You will have to arrange monkey towers properly to destroy enemies.

Popping Into Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons Tower Defense pits you as the valiant monkey king against endless hordes of bloons (the game's balloons) across various obstacle-dotted maps. To defend your banana kingdom, strategically place monkey towers with various special attacks such as lasers, bombs, spikes, and more. Earn monkey money from banana farms to buy better towers, then upgrade those towers to pop bloons more efficiently across 40 rounds.


Trying out different defense combos for each uniquely challenging map is half the fun. You'll find yourself experimenting with all sorts of optimized monkey setups to earn the highest pops. Late-game rounds can get super intense as you inch your way to victory against massive clusters of bloons. The animation and sound effects are well done too - I love seeing hordes of bloons go kaboom against my fully upgraded triple dart monkey artillery.

How to control

Use the mouse.