BattleDudes io


BattleDudes io is a 2D action game where you will have to fight in a fierce arena. There are many different maps and game modes for you to choose from.

How to play

The primary purpose of the game is to compete against other players from all around the world, squaring off against one another in an effort to get the greatest score possible and seize control of the leaderboard.

The gameplay is straightforward while also posing a challenge, which makes it interesting for players of varying skill levels. You play the role of a player that traverses a big map while engaging in combat with other players utilizing a wide variety of weapons that are at their disposal. There are vehicles strewn over the playing field, and you can use them to zip about the landscape more quickly and get an advantage over your opponents. Additionally, destructible landscapes let you carve out tactical routes and surprise your opponents by catching them off guard. Teamwork can frequently prove to be a fruitful tactic because it requires players to communicate and cooperate with one another, which can be necessary for both survival and winning in some games. The entertaining, fast-paced action that promises to give and that will keep you on the edge of your seat is delivered in full by this game.


  • WASD - move.
  • R - reload.
  • E - enter the car.
  • Left mouse click - shoot.
  • Right mouse clicks - show emote.
  • Mouse wheel or 1-4 - switch weapons.
  • Controls can be changed in the settings menu.