Basket Random


Basket Random is a funny basketball game for 2 player people. You can grab the ball or block your opponents by jumping and bobbing across the floor.

To get 5 points, you have to throw balls into the hoop. If you win, you get two points, but if you lose, you only get one point. There are two people from each team on the field. Try to get the ball any way you can, and make sure to catch it at the right time, because it could be in your cup in a few seconds. Every time the ball goes through the hoop, the spots on the court will change. If the ball goes out of the field, the spot moves again. This makes the game more interesting.

How to control

Single player mode

  • Use the “W” key to control. The athlete will spring to his feet and make an impact with the ball. Now, attempt to maintain control so you can put the ball in the basket correctly.

Two players mode

  • Player 1: "W"
  • Player 2: "Up arrow key"