Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers is an endless runner-action game available on all platforms, with a beautiful interface that many people today enjoy and play.

Your character would be caught spraying graffiti on a subway and pursued by a grumpy Inspector and his dog. It's a straightforward tap-and-play game. It does not involve any hard-core mechanics. You must simply dash as fast as you can. Oncoming subways, stationed subways, poles, tunnel walls, and dead-ends would be obstacles in your path.

During the chase, the player can collect various in-game booster items such as coins, keys, hoverboards, pogo sticks, coin magnets, jet packs, and so on. Each of them serves a specific purpose. When you collide with an obstacle, the chase is over. Players can unlock a variety of Subway Surfers characters. Although some surfers may feel easier to control, there is no best character in this game.

You would receive no additional benefits from any of the characters. It only matters how you want your character to appear. You can even change the appearance of the characters completely. When you first log in, Jake will be your default/starter character. The other characters can only be unlocked by playing the game. Now that we've covered the fundamentals of Subway Surfers, let's take a look at the various in-game resources/boosters that players can collect while running, as well as their utility, in our beginner's guide.