Stickman Hook


Fly high and explore the endless blue sky with Stickman Hook. You control a stickman figure who navigates stages by hanging from legs and dodging obstacles.

How to play

The heavens are calling! Take your rope and be ready to be soothed by the breeze grazing against your skin. Stickman Hook has 25-level and many other hidden tasks where you can perform flying maneuvers to give the birds a run for their money. As the player, your goal is to cross the finish line by hanging from the platforms. To begin hanging, use the left mouse button to connect your rope to the closest access point. You'll start striking right away. To free your cord, click the left mouse button once more. Swing in the opposite way of the other hooks to move through the air and reach the finish line. There will occasionally be a large space between barbs. Attempt to determine the best path and pace to reach the next hook. Not all stages are simple to complete. Some levels require you to pay attention to the level design and work out how to move forward while avoiding obstructions and precipitous slides.

Discover many new characters and costumes

As you progress through the game, you will be able to acquire new outfits for your character. There are three methods to get these updated styles. You can choose to receive a prize by watching an in-game movie, finishing stages, or achieving a number of unique challenges. The choices you choose will have no effect on the game rules, so go ahead and pick the ones you like best.


Use the mouse.