Retro Bowl Game


Retro Bowl is a game popular standard American football game. The goal of this game is to get more points than your opponent before the event starts.

In order to score, a player must move the ball down the field toward the opposing team and then make contact with the ball within the end zone of the opposing team. You can touch the ball by either giving it to a teammate or embracing the ball and pursuing it. Either way counts as touching the ball. Each team will have a total of four opportunities to move the ball forward by ten meters. After you have crossed the 10-meter line, you are required to drop the ball and start the game over again. If, at the end of four phases to the side, the gap between the two teams is less than 10 meters, the ball will be passed to the team on your side.

How to play

Left click then drag and aim a throw.

WASD to dodge and dive.