Drive Mad


Drive trucks to overcome challenges and destinations in the game Drive Mad. The levels are becoming increasingly difficult to obstruct your car's progress.

How to play

The goal is to safely drive the car to the finish line while enjoying many new levels. As you progress through the game's fifteen levels, each one gets progressively more challenging than the one before it; thus, you should strive to improve your driving skills alongside the game's progression. Do so to progress through the courses without crashing or becoming stuck, and if you reach their end, you will complete that level, simple as that.

Tips and tricks to get to the finish line

Take note of the on-screen stunts and obstacles, as they will either stop you or break you down. Use the boost feature wisely, as it can assist you in accelerating while maintaining balance in order to avoid rollover.


Controls with the arrow keys or WASD.

To retry and advance to the next level, press Space.