Cubes 2048


Cubes 2048 is a classic game combined with the game 2048. Your task is to find the cubes whose value is less than or equal to the number of tiles on your head.

How to play

In this game, you control a snake, and your objective is to collect as many cubes as possible by protecting its head from being killed by other players' snakes. To get to 2048, they have to keep squishing and merging cubes to add smaller cubes behind the head cube.

The arena is teeming with numerous hostile snakes that can devour lesser snakes and combine with cubes on the rear of any snake. You should avoid these larger snakes until they have a huge number of heads in their cube. In order to outrun their foes and eat smaller snakes, they equip their snake with a variety of speed boosters.


Use the mouse to control the snake.

Hold the left mouse button to increase the speed.