Bubble Trouble


Bubble Trouble is a simple ball shooting game, when you shoot a large ball it will split into 2 smaller balls and you have to shoot until the ball disappears.

How to play

It's important that you position your character so that it's directly below the giant bubble around you and shoot at the right time if you want to hit one of the bubbles and make it burst into new bubbles. fighting smaller. You will not have a chance to win the game until all the small bubbles on the screen have been eliminated. You must take extreme precautions to avoid being grazed at all times; otherwise, you will die at the right time, allow your aim and incredible patience to bring you ultimate victory. There is a two-player mode, so you can play with friends.

How to control

  • SPACE - to shoot.
  • ARROW keys - to move.
  • Avoid and pop the bubbles.