Apple Knight


Apple Knight is a fun and exciting 2D action game where you play as a brave warrior and explore many difficulty levels, traps, and dangerous enemies.

How to play

Your objectives are to safeguard your life, get gold, open treasure chests, and perfect the technique of using apples as a ranged weapon against your foes. Be fearless while wielding your sword and jumping from platform to platform as you make your way through each level's darkest and most inaccessible areas. Utilize the gold coins you acquire along the journey to perform actions such as activating levers, manipulating platforms, and customizing your character's skills. Your ultimate objective is to bring order back to the kingdom where you were raised by vanquishing the formidable wizards and warriors that pose a risk of bringing mayhem to the place you call home. Grab hold of your weapon, muster your courage, and go head-to-head with each of your adversaries until the peace is restored!

How long will each level be played?

Each level is a 7-10 minute journey through an environment that has been reasonably nicely developed, and includes platforming puzzles, switches to press and flip, and opponents to fight. In spite of the fact that some of these foes can and will take an easy shot at you when their projectile swings in from the other side of the map, it was still enjoyable to go through the stages. Even though they aren't particularly noteworthy examples of level design, none of the levels ever felt tedious or inappropriate for the journey you're on. Each one provides a rather difficult task as well as a potential source of riches for the several upgrades that may be purchased for your sword, your armor, and your projectile.


  • Move - WASD or Arrow keys
  • Jump - Z or J or Space
  • Attack - X or K or Control
  • Dash - V or Alt
  • Throw apples - C or L or Shift